Welcome to High Tea coffee shop and restaurant, the best kept secret in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town. Kerneels runs the shop with his helpful staff. Here we serve breakfast, lunch, tea and cakes and very tasty Kamili coffee.

Our opening hours are:
Weekdays from 09h00 – 17h00 and
Saturdays from 09h00 – 14h00
We are closed on Sundays

Breakfast is served from 09h00 – 12h00

Lunch is served from 12h00 – 15h00

Cake and tea is served all day

We believe in doing things simple and straightforward. We apply this in the way we run the shop, make our food and deal with our customers.  The menu is a good example:

The breakfast Menu

Bacon breakfast – Bacon, scrambled egg and tomato on toastbacon-breakfast-high tea-menu

Salmon breakfast – Smoked salmon, scrambled egg with cream cheese and caviar on a breakfast muffinsalmon-breakfast-high tea-menu

Fruit salad with muesli and yoghurtfruit-salad-breakfast

Scrambled egg on toast

Smoked salmon, Camembert and rocket on ryesalmon-camembert-and-rocket-on-rye

Savoury Muffins served with sweet chilli jam and cheesesavoury-muffin-cake

Bran Muffins served with apricot jam and cheese

Scones served with strawberry jam and creamscones-and-bran-muffins-cake

Toasted sarmies during breakfast times are served without a side saladSarmies


The Lunch menu

We change our lunch menu regularly with the daily menu displayed on our Black Board Menu.  There are usually only three of four items per day. All recipes are developed by Irma, our Silwood trained cordon bleu chef. We try to always have our world famous Chicken Piechicken-pie-lunch on the menu, along with the Quiche of the Day.quiche-of-the-day Both are served with a fresh salad on the side. In the winter we often have Irma’s delicious soups or Tomato and Olive Tart. During summer months or when the weather allows we make filled wraps and salads. You can also always find toasted sarmies, served with a side salad for lunch.

All meals are prepared in our kitchen in limited quantities to ensure freshness and minimise waste.

We recycle most of our packaging materials and all our green food waste is fed to Bob’s chickens and ducks.

We hope you can join us for breakfast or lunch soon!

Kerneels and Irma